The on-line store at is property of BI STYLE BG Ltd. The website provides information and option to place your order on-line, to buy and ship products produced by BI STYLE BG Ltd. The current terms and conditions give users information about their rights, restrictions and responsibilities when they use the information on the website and the services provided there. Each user of the website is bound by these terms and conditions from the moment he/she enters the website until leaving it. BI STYLE BG Ltd keeps its right to change the data and conditions without announcing that in advance. BI STYLE BG Ltd website holds all copyrights of all published pictures and graphic images on Using any of them without the written consent of Bedjev Style Ltd is breaking the Law on Copyright and Related Rights.

You could place your order from any section of our website with published offers and descriptions. Each offer contains short and detailed description of the product, item composition, picture, sizes, colors (patterns) and price. The price is for 1 piece in leva (Bulgarian currency). The price does not include shipping. The user identifies all key criteria as given in the website options. The user should give his/her name, address, phone and e-mail to confirm and to process the order he/she made. Not filling all of the contact fields or giving wrong, inexact or improper information does not bound the company with the obligation to fulfill and ship the order. The user commits to express his consent for the made order and to confirm all details when an operator from BI STYLE BG Ltd reaches him/her by phone or e-mail during company’s working time. By clicking on the button “Buy” the user commits an action which is considered a uncoerced statement with the power of binding contract with BI STYLE BG Ltd, regarding to the described hereby conditions and terms of the  Law on Consumer Protection and Trade Rules.

Carrier, hired by Bedjev Style Ltd, makes the delivery to the address given by the user. The user should accept the delivery and pay for the ordered item or arrange for an authorized person to do so. If the client or the authorized person can not be reached at the time of the delivery at the address or by phone, the package is taken back to the office of the carrier, where the user could take it from.
The shipping is at user’s expense.
Bedjev Style Ltd or representative of the carrier is committed to inform the user by phone or e-mail if any sudden circumstances, hampering the timely delivering of the package, occur.

The client may refuse ordered and delivered items in the following cases:

– obvious inappropriateness between the ordered and delivered item;
– the item has been damaged during transportation;
– the price at the time of delivery does not appear to be the same as per-agreed.

Under article 55 (paragraph 1) of the Law on Consumer Protection and Trade Rules the user/client can exercise his/her rights in a period of up to 7 (seven) days, in case he/she has preserved the product the way it was delivered without being used.
Website users can not: – perform any actions, which break the generally established rules of communication;
– perform malicious activities, spread viruses, etc.
– violate the rights or interests of third parties;
– maliciously make orders on the behalf of another person.
RESPONSILBILITIES BI STYLE BG Ltd doesn’t not take any responsibility for: – possible lapses, regarding the topicality of website supported information;
– consequences, including disadvantages resulting from or connected in any way with the access or usage of this website;
– possible disadvantages as a result from the website services;
– sudden exhausting of stock;
– delay or failure to carry out its duties for reasons beyond company’s control.
– inviolability of information on the website by computer viruses or other threats.

The information presented here complies with current legislation and users use it willingly.